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Ellender Memorial High School

Terrebonne Parish School District



October Newsletter Posted 10/22/18
October 4-H Newsletter Posted 10/4/18



Congratulations to seniors, Emily Comeaux, Sarah Clement, Lindsey Ugas, and Z'yae Nelson on being chosen as Ellender's American Legion Outstanding Teenagers!

Congratulations to Homecoming King Yukhari McDowell & Homecoming Queen Mariah Hernandez-Fitch!


About Us

School's Vision

EMHS where education and relationships fostered between all stakeholders lead to graduation and prepare students for a successful career or college experience. 

School's Mission 

The mission of the faculty, students, parents, and community of Allen J. Ellender Memorial High School is to engage, educate, and empower every student every day. Teachers will engage every student through effective instruction, educate every student using rigorous practices aligned to Louisiana standards, and empower every student to read, write, listen, present, and think critically in all classes every day.