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Library Club

Library Club


Mission:  The EMHS Library Club is a service organization that benefits the community of Allen J. Ellender Memorial High School by helping to maintain the school’s library.


The members assist the librarian by shelving books, scanning shelves to assure proper order, filing catalogs and magazines, helping to process new books into library collection, dusting, vacuuming shelves & computers and checking computers to see that sign-in sheets, sharpened pencils and note papers are available.


Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and set an example of good character and integrity in the school community as well as following school rules from the handbook.


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month during the second half of lunches.  Students need to provide at least 30 minutes of service each month to retain membership in the club.  Members who complete 480 minutes of service by the end of March are rewarded with a field trip in April to one of Louisiana’s southern universities.  The  members sell Rice Krispy Treats to pay for their field trip and lunch at a nice restaurant.


Club Sponsor—Mrs. Mona LaCour EMHS Librarian