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Policies & Procedures


  1. ID’s should be worn at all times.  They should be hung on a lanyard or clipped to your collar.  If you do not have one, a new ID can be purchased for $5 from the Library.  Students who habitually are without ID’s will be written up.
  2. Repeated sleeping in class / head down on desk / eyes closed during class will result in a write up.
  3. Leaving class or the campus without proper permission will result in a write up. This includes leaving for lunch or walking off campus or to the parking lot without permission from the office.
  4. Food and/or drinks should not be dropped off to students during class time or lunch.   If students forget to bring their lunch all visitors must check in through the office before making contact with students.  Also remember that the parking lot, front of the building, tennis courts and stadium are off limits to students during lunch.
  5. Walking away from a teacher or administrator or refusing to follow the instructions of a teacher or administrator (ex. giving name, correcting uniform violations) will result in a write up.
  6. When being dispersed you must stay with the dispersal teacher and report to the room assigned.  Teachers have been told by the office to not honor requests by students.
  7. Profanity on the school campus is not acceptable, and will result in a write up.
  • If profanity is directed toward faculty, staff or other adults on campus students will be subject to possible arrest and possible recommendation for expulsion based on a case by case basis


Clothing Item




  • Must be worn at the waist
  • Must be properly hemmed, cuffed, or stiched.
  • Must end at or above the floor
  • Must wear a belt
  • Oversized, baggy, or saggy.
  • Pajamas
  • Large Legged
  • Ripped, torn, frayed, or cut off.
  • Spandex, nylon, or stretch type materials.
  • Overly Tight


  • Must be worn at waist
  • Must be properly hemmed, cuffed, or stiched.
  • Must wear a belt
  • Oversized, baggy, or saggy.
  • Ripped, torn, frayed, or cut off.
  • Overly Tight


  • Must be worn at waist
  • Must be properly hemmed, cuffed, or stitched.
  • Must wear a belt
  • Must be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee or longer.
  • Oversized, baggy, or saggy.
  • Ripped, torn, frayed, or cut off.
  • Spandex, nylon, or stretch type materials.
  • Overly Tight
  • Boxer-Styled Shorts


  • Must be worn and fit at waist
  • Must be properly hemmed, cuffed, or stitched.
  • Must wear a belt
  • Must be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee or longer.
  • Slits may not be excessive (no more than 5 inches above the knee.
  • Overly Tight
  • Overly short



  • White, Royal Blue, Navy Blue
  • Oversized
  • Tight-Fitting, low cut or exposes midriff
  • See-through materials
  • Large brand names / logos


  • Soled Footwear with a back
  • Must cover entire foot
  • House Shoes / Slippers
  • Flip-Flops / Sandals
  • No Steel toes, rollers, etc…


  • Not permitted except for verifiable religious reasons
  • Hats, caps, hoods
  • Full head scarves (religious exceptions)
  • Skull caps


  • Hoods are allowed, but are not to be worn in the building.
  • Solid with no stripes or designs
  • Acceptable colors: Grey, Black, Red, White, Blue
  • Logos that are not EMHS
  • Patterns of any kind
  • More than one color


  • Must be worn UNDER uniform shirt
  • Must be tucked in
  • White, Red, or Blue only
  • Not worn as outerwear
  • Logos or writing that can be seen through uniform shirt.



  • Bandanas, Sweatbands, Sunglasses, Pajamas, Excessive chains,
  • Other items deemed inappropriate


  • Any naturally occurring hair colors are allowed (black, brunette, auburn, or blonde) natural or dyed.
  • Clean neatly groomed
  • Blue, pink, purple, green, orange, etc. is not allowed.


  • Earrings no larger than a quarter
  • No visible piercings of any kind: Face, nose, or tongue


  • Not permitted
  • No Lip or tongue piercings


  • Any items that advocate or advertise the following are never acceptable on campus or at school functions:
  • Racist Organizations or Symbols             - Occult Symbols                    - Drugs/ Illegal Substances                                                   
  • Sex / nudity / obscenity                            - Alcohol                                  - Gangs
  • Tobacco/Nicotine Products                     - Profanity                               - Violence


Students are allowed to possess, but are not allowed to use.

  1. If seen with a phone (even if it not yours) school board policy dictates that you are to surrender it to the teacher or administrator addressing the violation. The phone will be locked up in the office and a parent or guardian must come to school to claim it.
  2. Refusal to surrender the phone will result in the student being removed from the classroom setting (ISS) until a parent or guardian meets with an administrator.
  3. 1st offense – In School Consequence & Contract  

Subsequent offenses – OSS, Contract and loss of privilege to possess a phone @ school.

Checkout Procedures

  • 1st Day Paperwork Student Information sheet must be returned to the EMHS Main Office.
  • Only people listed on the student information sheet will be allowed to check a student out.  If the student information sheet is not returned, then only the people listed on the WEBPAMS program will be able to check students out.
  • Check outs should be done through the office. 
  • The person checking a student out must report to the office with a photo ID. No Phone!
  • Parent letters should be sent if a student who walks or drives knows in advance that they will be checking out.  These will be verified by the office using the Student Information Sheet/ WEBPAMS records. 
  • If a student who walks or drives becomes ill during the day the parent or guardian must come to determine if the student needs to go home.  If a parent can not come to school to make this determination, then the school nurse or an administrator will determine if the student is allowed to checkout. 

Parents please remember... As per state department regulations you are not allowed to bring fast food to students during the school day.  "Homemade lunches" can be dropped off through the main office.  Any student caught going out to receive food will receive disciplinary action.  Fast food brought to the office will be turned away by the office staff.